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Arts on prescription for community‐dwelling older people with a range of health and wellness needs

Roslyn G. Poulos, Sally Marwood, Damian Harkin, Simon Opher, Stephen Clift, Andrew M. D. Cole, Joel Rhee, Kirsty Beilharz, Christopher J. Poulos. First published: 21 October 2018.

Wit by Margaret Edson

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Keynote Speaker: Music engagement in dementia care and palliative care. ACOM, SCD and CSU Ageing Conference: Embracing life and gathering wisdom: Theological, pastoral and clinical insights into human flourishing at the end of life. 27 - 28 September, Sydney Australia (2018).

Ageing well: music and meaning in dementia and de-medicalising palliative care

Dementia has become the second-leading cause of death in Australia (the first for women). It affects the social fabric, costing more than $15 billion, with the greatest emotional burden borne in families and relationships. In palliative care, the majority of admissions for symptom management and end of life care are for elderly people with cancer. From community care in the home to nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices, how can we best help people age well, which means living well to the very end? This paper looks at the impact of music and participatory arts on psycho-social, physical, and spiritual dimensions of wellness amongst people receiving palliative, rehabilitation or dementia care, as well as the healthy ageing population, and the practical theology of spiritual and social needs of people that are not addressed by the medical model of care. What defines quality of life vs. the suffering and lack of control that drive people to explore euthanasia? A theology grounded in the worth of humans created in God’s image, rather than the zeitgeist's materialistic measure of productivity, underpins quality throughout every season irrespective of an individual’s physical or cognitive frailty.

ACWR2018conference Presentation: 'Human Flourishing until death: Living well until the very end’ at Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research Conference, September, Sydney Australia (2018)
Coal Loader Platform Garden

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Plenary Speaker: Grand Designs International Dementia Conference, Hilton June 2016

Music: the food of love - connecting and engaging in dementia care