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music engagement in dementia, music engagement in palliative care, music engagement in pain management, interaction design, electronic art, physical computing, sonification, auditory display, information aesthetics, gestural interaction, A.I., A-Life, sound installation, multi-modal interaction, real-time generative music, interactive music systems, timbral analysis, electroacoustic composition

Research Areas

  • music engagement in health care, especially aged & dementia care
  • gestural interaction (computer vision, tracking fiducial markers, motion)
  • information aesthetics in sonification (multimodal display with visualisation & touch), eco-data, bio-data, physical display
  • physical computing: tangible & tactile, multi-touch, spatial, wearable, locative, sensing + actuating in auditory display
  • generative A.I. + A-life models of creativity for real-time (live) music computation in interactive performance environments
  • timbral analysis in contemporary, electronic and Japanese music converging verbal, graphical and spectral approaches

Music Performance + Interaction Design

  • acoustic and electroacoustic music composition + sound design
  • interactive installation
  • performative sonification + generative music

previous university Teaching

  • Professor & Course director: Bachelor of Sound and Music Design
  • music: Contemporary Music 1, Contemporary Music 2, Electronic Music Composition, Electro-acoustic Music Composition
  • interaction design + sonfication: Situated Media Installation Studio
  • Ph.D supervisor

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